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Why Choose Terminex?

Where Do We Start?

Pest Identification
Proper identification of Pest species has a big impact on our services. Each pest species has different biology or habits, thus the treatment procedures also varies from various type of pests. We do not want to waste our time and effort on providing you inaccurate recommendations’ and treatments.
careful inspection of spring fruit trees
Degree of infestation
Degree of Infestation
The infestation varies from one location to another. At some occasions, one pest infestation can be low at certain months and goes high on certain months. Pest Infestation can be seasonal.
Terminex Pest control consider the changes in degree of infestation.
Space or Area
We also need to consider the site of the facility. In addition, some neighbor’s facility might add to pest infestation because of their various activities.
Pest cross-infest areas, as they can fly-in, crawl-in or sometimes brought-in, like in our deliveries. We also convince your neighbors to follow your standards on pest control.
Space or Area
The operations of your facility should be considered prior to initiating the control treatment, our technicians shall try to design in as much as possible a pest control program with the least obstruction on your operations. We shall consider your preferred time period to implement any control treatment.